Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Some oldies

I took a few photos on Sunday of some of my older handmade ornaments, before we took down the tree.

(Sorry for the blurry picture.) This is a little caroler boy I knitted back in 1985. We had just moved to Brevard, NC so my husband could teach. It was a year before I found a full-time job. For Christmas that first year I bought yarn and knitted ornaments for gifts. It was the first I had knitted since I was a child. I did not like being so poor, but I have fond memories of those low-stress days spent knitting.

The caroler girl. I don't know if I'd attempt these now - so many details!

Another blurry picture. We made these last year in the children's class I help with at church. I remember my mom making these with us when we were kids.

Crocheted paper clip ice skates. Love 'em! I made a bunch one year for the attorneys and staff at work, and a couple of years ago I made a bagful for the kids in class at church. We were studying about heaven, and talking about what we planned to do there. I invited them to come to my ice skating planet. I've never ice skated, but it looks so fun, I can't wait to get there and learn. If I tried it now, I'd fall and bust every crackly old bone in my body!

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