Saturday, January 4, 2014

I'm trying something new

A month or so ago, my mom and I went to a fiber fair that was in town. There was a ton of roving, and needle felted items. There were lots of cookie cutters, for sale, and I had no idea why. But the needle felting intrigued me. Once I Googled it, I realized the cookie cutters are used to make shapes when felting. This year I plan to try some needle felting. I've gotten a couple of single needles, and just purchased a 4-needle tool on Amazon. Here's what I've done so far.

 My first effort. A kind of button shaped item, made inside of a round cookie cutter, and the dove was another little cookie cutter I have.

These were a combination of techniques. The large balls I made by loosely needle felting some roving onto styrofoam balls, and then wet felting them by hand in the kitchen sink. I'll try needle felting on them later, except maybe the marbled one. I kind of like it as is. Mia, my 10-year-old, wet-felted the little balls. I think she's getting into this --- I can hear her in the other room needle felting away.

Someone at work is having a baby, and a few of us are knitting squares for an afghan, so I need to work on those for awhile.  I've turned a couple in already, but I'll post some pictures if I find a cute stitch to try.

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