Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Baby afghan squares

The baby shower is going to be Monday for my co-worker and his wife, so we've decided to try to get this afghan finished by then. That means between yesterday and Friday, I need to complete 6 squares.
Nobody at work really purls much, so I feel compelled to add some pattern to the squares I do. And it's actually a great way to practice some new stitches. But because of the time constraint, I've got to stick with some basic tried and true stitches. I worked all last night on it, and got 2 squares finished. I had some trouble with one. Apparently I got interrupted and got off on my pattern. I had cast off, and then realized that it did not look right. UGH! I tried something that I'm terrible at, and try to avoid at all costs - I ripped out, back to where I was before the mess-up, and started again. I was shocked that you can't even tell!

I really should have gone another row on the chevron one, but I didn't, and I'm not ripping it out again!
Sorry about the dark pictures - with flash you can't see the pattern, and without flash, they are dark, and the color is definitely prettier than this. Kind of a light teal. 

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