Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Welcome to my knitting blog!

Hopefully I can be faithful at posting about what I'm currently working on, and maybe it will be incentive to not be a slacker about my knitting, too.

After Christmas last year I found this Amazon gift card lying around the house. Someone had gotten it for a gift, but nobody seemed to know whose it was, and since gift-giving was a little slack last Christmas (I had not gone out and bought myself anything and told Larry to wrap it and put it under the tree), I decided to get something I wanted.

The book arrived and I thumbed through it and looked online for ideas, too. I decided I'd make a couple knitted Christmas balls each month, so I'd have a bunch by next Christmas. I made 3, and then got obsessed with working jigsaw puzzles. Larry fixed me a tabletop that fit over our patio table, which we had moved into the sunroom for Christmas dinner. The table and puzzles were in there until it warmed up in late spring. I have to admit, I've missed it, but have accomplished a lot more with it gone! Fast forward to August. I had not knitted any more balls, so I made myself sit down and start again. Now I'm obsessed with knitting them. I can whip one out in about 4 1/2 hours. I've started graphing out my own designs. What fun! Here are pictures of a few of them.

Running reindeer from the book. Done in purple for Mia.

A reindeer chart I found online.

Snowflake I designed.

 Super fast and easy - two stitches of each color means no extra twists in back to carry the strands across wide spaces.

I copied a chart I found online for this argyle one. Cute, but 3 colors is so tangly, it takes a lot longer.

I found a chart of a Scottie, and modified it into a Westie.

Westies done in purple for Claire.

A snowflake from the book.

This was the first one I made. It's a little bigger because I used some Vanna sparkly yarn. I do like the sparkle.


Greek Cross from the book. I love this pattern.

Another Greek Cross.

Also from the book.

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